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ChestShop - the chest&sign shop plugin for Minecraft Servers running Bukkit
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ChestShop is an awesome plugin for managing your server's economy. By using chests and signs, you can effectively create your own market!

ChestShop also makes admininstators' lives easier. Simply drag-and-drop the .jar to your "plugins" folder and you're done!

If you need any help - just ask. There is a ticket system, in which you can report bugs, suggest improvements and more. Don't be fooled though - you might think that your ticket disappeared, however that's not the case.
You should configure the system to show "All tickets", instead of only "All open" - you can do that by clicking on the "Filters".



To build ChestShop, you'll need a Maven installation.

Installing external dependencies

To install external dependencies, place your .jar into the main folder and launch the script - it'll guide you through the process.


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