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Sprite Animation Demo in C/SDL2. Create a spritsheet from gif.
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Cheetah Animation

Running Cheetah

This is a small SDL2 Demo and it does demonstrate how to...

  • create a spritesheet from a gif
  • load that sheet
  • render the spriteframes timed

Useful links:
SDL2 SDL-Discourse Example Code

Cheetah: unknown artist.

Get in touch on SDL-Discourse


Gif is a pretty old rasterformat with some clever ideas behind, details:

Create Spritesheet:
giftext Cheetah.gif

giftext is one of 12 tools from libgif and gives the info about the delay, it is hundred milliseconds.
gifsicle is an alternative to deal with gif's.
gifsicle --info Cheetah.gif

Now ImageMagick comes into play:
Split Gif-Frames
convert -coalesce Cheetah.gif out%05d

Create Sheet:
montage out0000[0-7] -tile 4x2 -background transparent gepard_running.png

...see the rest in the source.

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