Using Trezor with Actilectrum

Harris Brakmić edited this page Feb 2, 2019 · 2 revisions

Open your Actilectrum and go to menu File -> New/Restore

Type in a new wallet name as your Trezor will be treated as a separate wallet.

In the next window select the option Standard Wallet

In the next window you will select Use a hardware device.

Connect your Trezor and let Actilectrum search for it. You will maybe have to repeat this process a few times until it has successfully recognized it.

Ultimately you will get the information that your Trezor is communicating with Actilectrum.

Now you can select the address type and the derivation path. However, do not change the derivation path as Actinium has already registered the BIP-44 coin type number 228.

You can then optionally encrypt your wallet.

This is it! Have fun with Actilectrum & Trezor!

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