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Using the Spark-Wallet App with our Lightning Network

IMPORTANT: If you are not a developer, then ignore the following installation instructions and simply install the Spark-Wallet node package with npm install -g spark-wallet.


  • You should first install nodejs by following this tutorial.
  • Then clone Spark-Wallet with git clone
  • Go into the newly created directory and run npm install to get all needed node packages.


  • Create a new directory in your $HOME, e.g. /home/username/.spark-wallet
  • Create a new file config in this directory with these entries:

They will be used by spark-wallet to find your running lightningd and also to configure the web-app (user/pwd entries are for the app, not for lightningd)

Now start spark-wallet by executing npm start. You will see outputs similar to this:


  • Now you can connect with your Spark Application via browser

The username/password from .spark-wallet/conf are now needed to logon.

This is how the app will look like (the payment entries will be different)

console spark

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