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Center for Hartford Engagement and Research (CHER) research archive
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CHER Research Archive

Displays Google Sheet data in a searchable, filterable, and sortable manner.

Live website

Data on Google Drive

Data entry

  • Always add most RECENT data to the TOP of the Google Sheet, and paste into the following columns:
  • Year (use only the year of publication, not month or semester)
  • Author (separate multiple authors with commas)
  • Title
  • Type (use consistent labels: Liberal Arts Action Lab, Community Learning Research Fellows. New labels can be added in the future, since the Project Type drop-down menu on the public web page auto-populates from this data column).
  • Partner (use organization name when possible, and try to be consistent with past ones)
  • Abstract (make sure that Action Lab and CLRF director/coordinator have reviewed the text)
  • Subjects (separate entries with semi-colons; try to be consistent with existing labels, which are listed in Subjects button in public web page. New subjects can be added, since this button auto-populates from this data column)
  • Online (paste web link if research products are on the public web, such as Action Lab sub-site, or paper uploaded to Trinity Library Digital Repository, which students do if their work also is a senior research project)
  • Poster (for CL RFellows: name poster in this format (Lastname Year.PDF), upload to Google Drive posters subfolder [or start a new subfolder], right-click Get Shareable Link, and paste link into column)
  • NOTE: Each entry can have BOTH online links AND poster links.
  • Ignore other columns (labeled “not used”) because they do not appear on the public web site.
  • When you finish data entry, check the public website to make sure it displays properly


  • data in Google Sheets, which must be published. Insert URLs in main.js
  • See here for errors.

Code hosting

  • Go to action-lab account on Reclaim Hosting > cPanel > File Manager > > research-archive
  • any code updates on GitHub must be manually uploaded to the folder above


Created by Ilya Ilyankou (@ilyankou) with Zorawar Moolenaar (@zorawar87) for the Center for Hartford Engagement and Research (CHER) at Trinity College, Hartford CT (


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