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## What

- Renames `InvalidEmailAddressError` to `InvalidEmailRequestError`
- Closes #120
- Related to #119

## Why

This addresses some confusion around this error that can occur for a
number of reasons, and not just invalid email addresses, bringing it
more in sync with the [API

## How

For now this is just a straight rename with an alias provided for
backwards compatibility.
@tomazy let me know if there's anything you had in mind for this! 🙏

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Postmark Ruby Gem

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Postmark allows you to send your emails with high delivery rates. It also includes detailed statistics. In addition, Postmark can parse incoming emails which are forwarded back to your application.

This gem is the official wrapper for the Postmark HTTP API.


Please see the wiki for detailed instructions about sending email, using the bounce api and other Postmark API features. For details about Postmark API in general, please check out Postmark developer docs.


You will need a Postmark account, server and sender signature (or verified domain) set up to use it. For details about setup, check out wiki pages.

If you plan using the library in a Rails project, check out the postmark-rails gem, which is meant to integrate with ActionMailer. The plugin will try to use ActiveSupport JSon if it is already included. If not, it will attempt to use the built-in Ruby JSon library.

You can also explicitly specify which one to be used, using following code:

Postmark.response_parser_class = :Json # :ActiveSupport or :Yajl are also supported.


You can use the library with or without a Bundler.

With Bundler:

gem 'postmark'

Without Bundler:

gem install postmark

Note on Patches/Pull Requests

See file for details.

Issues & Comments

Feel free to contact us if you encounter any issues with the library or Postmark API. Please leave all comments, bugs, requests and issues on the Issues page.


The Postmark Ruby library is licensed under the MIT license. Refer to the LICENSE file for more information.


The integration tests currently use a real test email address, configured via POSTMARK_CI_RECIPIENT. The credentials for it can be found in the internal 1password vault under Postmark - Ruby - Client Library - Account.


Copyright © 2022 ActiveCampaign LLC.