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The petclinic example is taken from the spring-projects petclinic example. This example shows how to integrate activejpa with spring.

Maven Dependencies

Add the activejpa-core to the maven dependencies in the pom.xml.

Hooking ActiveJpa to Spring application

The petclinic application is a web application deployed to servlet container. ActiveJpa has to be hooked before spring context is loaded. The best place to do this in a servlet environment is ContextListener. You can probably extend the spring ContextLoaderListener and initialize ActiveJpa.

   * @author ganeshs
  public class CustomContextListener extends ContextLoaderListener {
  	public void contextInitialized(ServletContextEvent event) {
  		try {
  		  // This loads the javaagent dynamically
  		} catch (Exception e) {
  			throw new RuntimeException(e);
  		JPA.instance.addPersistenceUnit("default", getCurrentWebApplicationContext().getBean(EntityManagerFactory.class), true);

Entity classes

Ensure your entity classes extend org.activejpa.entity.Model

Starting the example application

Just run mvn tomcat7:run

Hit http://localhost:9966/petclinic/ and playaround with the petclinic application