Object oriented RDF in Ruby
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ActiveRDF is a library for accessing RDF data from Ruby programs. It can be used as data layer in Ruby-on-Rails, similar to ActiveRecord (which provides an O/R mapping to relational databases). ActiveRDF in RoR allows you to create semantic web applications very rapidly. ActiveRDF gives you a Domain Specific Language (DSL) for your RDF model: you can address RDF resources, classes, properties, etc. programmatically, without queries.

See www.activerdf.org for more information.

Getting Started

See wiki.activerdf.org/GettingStartedGuide for information on how to install ActiveRDF, point to data sources, and use it. In brief: “gem install activerdf_sparql”.

Simple Example

The following example uses a SPARQL endpoint with FOAF data and displays all people found in the data source:

require 'activerdf'
ConnectionPool.add_data_source :type => :sparql, :host => '...'
Namespace.register :foaf, 'http://xmlns.com/foaf/0.1/'
people = FOAF::Person.find_all


ActiveRDF is distributed under the LGPL license.


  • Eyal Oren

  • Renaud Delbru

  • Sebastian Gerke

  • Benjamin Heitmann