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all objects are completely empty studs: they carry no state at all
* data lookup -> database select query
* data setting -> database update query
* method lookup (eyal.methods) -> select ?p where eyal ?t ?c and ?p domain ?c
* class lookup (eyal.class) -> select ?c where eyal ?t ?c
* how to cast object into (one-more) class(es) after class lookup
* how to enable class-based code, e.g. Person.to_s
* allowing people to describe and extend certain classes:
class Person
class_uri http://foaf/Person
def birthday
"don't know"
* enable object invocation based on their class, e.g. eyal.birthday
- figure out that eyal is a Person
- use birthday from Person
(in Resource)
def method_missing(method, *args)
# we are invoked with 'method' but we don't provide that method (yet)
# simple approach: look in all classes of which we are member,
# and use the first one to provide the method
# which classes do we belong to?
klasses = lookup_own_types
klasses.each do |klass|
# if any of our klasses includes the method, add it and invoke it
if klass.methods.include?(method)
# TODO: incorrect syntax, figure out how to inject code into existing ruby object
# method not found in any of our classes
* construct Ruby class for RDFS class (instead of just Resource),
e.g. Resource.lookup(http://foaf/Person) should return the Person class
and after that the Person class should be known
* allow Person.find_by_firstname
challenge: when do we construct the Person class?
1. at program startup we construct all classes (from RDFS class)
- not transparent empty proxy, now we do maintain state (we know which classes exist), if changes in database we're out-of-date
2. when needed we figure out which classes exist
- difficult, need to catch some ClassUnknown error, and divert it
- difficult to integrate with requirement to allow people to actually write and extend the Person class
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