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ActiveRDF is a library for accessing RDF data from Ruby programs. It can be used as data layer in Ruby-on-Rails, similar to ActiveRecord (which provides an O/R mapping to relational databases). ActiveRDF in RoR allows you to create semantic web applications very rapidly. ActiveRDF gives you a Domain Specific Language (DSL) for your RDF model: you can address RDF resources, classes, properties, etc. programmatically, without queries.

See for more information.

Getting Started

See for information on how to install ActiveRDF, point to data sources, and use it. In brief: “gem install activerdf_sparql”.

Simple Example

The following example uses a SPARQL endpoint with FOAF data and displays all people found in the data source:

require 'activerdf'
ConnectionPool.add_data_source :type => :sparql, :host => '...'
Namespace.register :foaf, ''
people = FOAF::Person.find_all


ActiveRDF is distributed under the LGPL license.


  • Eyal Oren

  • Renaud Delbru

  • Sebastian Gerke

  • Benjamin Heitmann