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Welcome to the CognitiveCMS! 🧠☁️🤯

This repository contains two projects

  • deployment - Azure deployment script which is used to quickly setup required azure resources
  • cognitive-cms - WordPress Plugin that connects to Azure resources and enriches your data

What is CognitiveCMS?

If you want to try out how Cognitive Search works and what are the benefits, this repository contains everything you need to get started.

This solution in an effort to bring these ideas closer to where a lot of internet data is - WordPress. With this simple plugin you will be able to try Microsoft's latest Cognitive Services together with Azure Search.

We chose the open source route because we wanted to lower the entrance barrier to this great technologies. It is also easy to extend every part of this solution, so you can customize it to fit your own needs.

This is build on top of LearnAI-Cognitive-Search by Ibrahim Kivanc.


If you don't have an Microsoft Azure subscription, you can get one for free!

The idea is that you would just run Start.ps1 and all the resources would be setup and configured. However, there are some prerequisites.

Make sure that you have Azure PowerShell installed together with Az.Search PowerShell Module. You might have to uninstall the previous version of AzureRM, and to help you with that there is a script under misc/UninstallAzureRmModules.ps1

After that, just open the code in Visual Studio Code, open Start.ps1 and press F5. The output you get once the script is finished is needed to configure the WordPress Plugin.

WordPress plugin

To get started with the WordPress plugin, just copy the /cognitive-cms folder to your WordPress instance under /wp-content/plugins or upload as a zip file.

Once you activate the plugin, you will see that is shows up in the menu.

The next step would be to configure the plugin in the settings page with the output from the deployment script.

After that, you have to ability to bulk include your assets in CognitiveCMS.

Once you have included the assets you want to enrich, going back to the CognitiveCMS Dashboard will offer you to upload the assets to Azure.

After the upload is done, Cognitive Search indexer is triggered automatically. There is however a timeout of 180 seconds after each indexer run at this Azure Search tier. Indexer is also scheduled to run every 1 hour.

CognitiveCMS Dashboard will now offer you to save the enriched data back to WordPress.

In your Media assets you will see Tags, Caption and Dominant Colors fields populated by what was generated by Cognitive Search.

Thanks to CognitiveCMS plugin, you will be able to search through your assests by these new AI generated keywords.


This repository is a great starting point to get you up and running fast with Cognitive Search. The service itself offers a lot more then it is covered in this project. You can explore different Cognitive Services Azure has to offer and see what properties would be interesting to you.

Video Indexer

Another service that goes in parallel with Cognitive Search is Video Indexer. If you have a lot of video assets you would like to enrich in a similar way, this is the right service! It has its own api and portal, so it would require some additional development effort.


CognitiveCMS is licensed under the very permissive MIT license for you to be able to use it in commercial or non-commercial applications without many restrictions.


Quickly get started with Cognitive Search!




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