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appdirs Changelog

appdirs 1.3.0

  • [Unix, issue 16] Conform to XDG standard, instead of breaking it for everybody
  • [Unix] Removes gratuitous case mangling of the case, since *nix-es are usually case sensitive, so mangling is not wise
  • [Unix] Fixes the uterly wrong behaviour in site_data_dir, return result based on XDG_DATA_DIRS and make room for respecting the standard which specifies XDG_DATA_DIRS is a multiple-value variable
  • [Issue 6] Add *_config_dir which are distinct on nix-es, according to XDG specs; on Windows and Mac return the corresponding *_data_dir

appdirs 1.2.0

  • [Unix] Put user_log_dir under the cache dir on Unix. Seems to be more typical.
  • [issue 9] Make unicode work on py3k.

appdirs 1.1.0

  • [issue 4] Add AppDirs.user_log_dir.

  • [Unix, issue 2, issue 7] appdirs now conforms to XDG base directory spec.

  • [Mac, issue 5] Fix site_data_dir() on Mac.

  • [Mac] Drop use of 'Carbon' module in favour of hardcoded paths; supports Python3 now.

  • [Windows] Append "Cache" to user_cache_dir on Windows by default. Use opinion=False option to disable this.

  • Add appdirs.AppDirs convenience class. Usage:

    >>> dirs = AppDirs("SuperApp", "Acme", version="1.0")
    >>> dirs.user_data_dir
    '/Users/trentm/Library/Application Support/SuperApp/1.0'
  • [Windows] Cherry-pick Komodo's change to downgrade paths to the Windows short paths if there are high bit chars.

  • [Linux] Change default user_cache_dir() on Linux to be singular, e.g. "~/.superapp/cache".

  • [Windows] Add roaming option to user_data_dir() (for use on Windows only) and change the default user_data_dir behaviour to use a non-roaming profile dir (CSIDL_LOCAL_APPDATA instead of CSIDL_APPDATA). Why? Because a large roaming profile can cause login speed issues. The "only syncs on logout" behaviour can cause surprises in appdata info.

appdirs 1.0.1 (never released)

Started this changelog 27 July 2010. Before that this module originated in the Komodo product as and then as applib/ (used by PyPM in ActivePython). This is basically a fork of 1.0.1 and applib/ 1.0.1.

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