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add returnlist to wrapper, too

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1 parent f073652 commit 59e698bc6608e4fc4cc2bf756996c44dd9f4b3af @eddyp eddyp committed
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6 lib/
@@ -240,11 +240,13 @@ def user_log_dir(appname=None, appauthor=None, version=None, opinion=True):
class AppDirs(object):
"""Convenience wrapper for getting application dirs."""
- def __init__(self, appname, appauthor=None, version=None, roaming=False):
+ def __init__(self, appname, appauthor=None, version=None,
+ roaming=False, returnlist=False):
self.appname = appname
self.appauthor = appauthor
self.version = version
self.roaming = roaming
+ self.returnlist = returnlist
def user_data_dir(self):
return user_data_dir(self.appname, self.appauthor,
@@ -252,7 +254,7 @@ def user_data_dir(self):
def site_data_dir(self):
return site_data_dir(self.appname, self.appauthor,
- version=self.version)
+ version=self.version, returnlist=self.returnlist)
def user_cache_dir(self):
return user_cache_dir(self.appname, self.appauthor,

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