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Bazel Rules for Golang Vendored Dependencies


This repository contains a set of rules which allow you to build Go vendor directories as a native, labelled Bazel package instead of building them inline from your project repository

With this rule, your BUILD.bazel deps for vendor packages will change from:


to this form:


This moves all the vendored dependencies to a Bazel label so that they can referenced identically even across multiple packages within your Bazel build workspace. This is particularly useful for packaged, generated code like when using go-swagger where it's necessary to share a common set of vendor dependencies across the Bazel package boundaries.

This allows the generated code and the main project code to identically import deps from a consistent Bazel import path, which is necesary to keep Bazel consistent and caching effectively. It also prevents errors arising from structures being passed across package boundaries introducing namespace conflicts.

Building the vendor package is driven by your Gopkg.lock file, so unnecessary rebuilds will be avoided until the lock file is updated.


Add the following to your WORKSPACE file to load the rules and track your vendor directory:

    name = "com_activestate_rules_vendor",
    urls = [""],
    sha256 = "2f87901be842aac9d1327299dd3016d05752351498ab1b26f132c1a592ee4946",
    strip_prefix = "rules_vendor-0.1.3",
load("@com_activestate_rules_vendor//:def.bzl", "vendor_dependencies", "vendor_generate")

    name = "vendor",
    src = "//:Gopkg.lock",
    importpath = "",

In the BUILD.bazel file at your project root, add the following:

exports_files(["Gopkg.lock", "Gopkg.yaml"])

This should also work fine exporting go.mod and go.sum if you are using Go Modules instead of dep. Just change the corresponding src label in your WORKSPACE vendor_generate to match.


Ideally this will be paired with an extension to Gazelle to write the correct form for the deps to your build files. For now, though, you will probably find it useful to post-process Gazelle-maintained build files with something along these lines:

bazel run //:gazelle
find . -name BUILD.bazel | xargs sed -ibak 's%"//vendor%"@vendor//vendor%'
find . -name BUILD.bazelbak -delete

This is admittedly unwieldy, but it's functional. A more elegant solution is on the roadmap.

You will also want to make sure that you exclude your vendor directory from being processed by Gazelle by placing this in your BUILD file as well.

# gazelle:exclude vendor