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Demo u/p activiti/activiti


alt tag

How to run ?

  • npm -g update
  • npm install -g yo grunt-cli bower
  • npm install -g generator-angular generator-karma
  • npm install && bower install
  • grunt server

How to connect activiti-rest with angular and not have cross origin problem?

Activiti-angularapp expects that activiti-rest is located at /service, one of the solutions is to setup apache with url_proxy like this :

ProxyPass /service/ http://localhost:8081/activiti-rest/service/ retry=0 timeout=30
ProxyPass / http://localhost:9000/ retry=0 timeout=30

Apache will require few of the modules to be enabled, this can be done using next commands( linux)

a2enmod proxy
a2enmod proxy_http

if you are having problems notify us or check this nice tutorial

Then access the angular app at


it is assumend that:

  • Grunt runs on port 9000
  • Activiti tomcat runs on 8081
  • Apache runs on port 80

How does this app look like ?

You can find all of the images here

What use cases are supported ?

  • login
  • logout
  • listing groups
  • listing users
  • managing groups and users
  • listing processes and process instances
  • starting process
  • listing tasks
  • task forms are supported for text, number, boolean, date, user


Open-source and distributed under the Apache license.