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feat!: switched config format to toml (#75)
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* feat!: switched config format to toml
* build(deps): updated dependencies

BREAKING CHANGE: changes the config file used
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ErikBjare committed Jun 15, 2021
1 parent 2336a25 commit 4d6f4e7
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Showing 2 changed files with 96 additions and 47 deletions.
29 changes: 11 additions & 18 deletions aw_qt/
@@ -1,20 +1,15 @@
from configparser import ConfigParser
from typing import List

from aw_core.config import load_config
import json
from aw_core.config import load_config_toml

# NOTE: Updating this won't update the defaults for users, this is an issue with how aw_core.config works
default_settings = {
"autostart_modules": json.dumps(
["aw-server", "aw-watcher-afk", "aw-watcher-window",]

default_config = ConfigParser()
default_config["aw-qt"] = default_settings
# Currently there's no reason to make them differ
default_config["aw-qt-testing"] = default_settings
default_config = """
autostart_modules = ["aw-server", "aw-watcher-afk", "aw-watcher-window"]
autostart_modules = ["aw-server", "aw-watcher-afk", "aw-watcher-window"]

class AwQtSettings:
Expand All @@ -23,9 +18,7 @@ def __init__(self, testing: bool):
An instance of loaded settings, containing a list of modules to autostart.
Constructor takes a `testing` boolean as an argument
qt_config = load_config("aw-qt", default_config)
config_section = qt_config["aw-qt" if not testing else "aw-qt-testing"]
config = load_config_toml("aw-qt", default_config)
config_section = config["aw-qt" if not testing else "aw-qt-testing"]

self.autostart_modules: List[str] = json.loads(
self.autostart_modules: List[str] = config_section["autostart_modules"]
114 changes: 85 additions & 29 deletions poetry.lock

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