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[![Build Status](](

### Note to macOS users
## How to install

To install the pre-built application, go to

To build your own packaged application, run `make package`

To install the latest git version directly from github without cloning, run
`pip install git+`

To install from a cloned version, cd into the directory and run
`poetry install` to install inside an virtualenv. If you want to install it
system-wide it can be installed with `pip install .`, but that has the issue
that it might not get the exact version of the dependencies due to not reading
the poetry.lock file.

## Note to macOS users

To log current window title the terminal needs access to macOS accessibility API.
This can be enabled in `System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Accessibility`, then add the Terminal to this list. If this is not enabled the watcher can only log current application, and not window title.
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