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Acuant idScanGo Web


This project works well with Node JS 6.10 and above. Please ensure that you have it installed. If you don't, please follow up this link.

Installation and Running

  • Step 1 - Start by downloading or cloning this repository
  • Step 2 - Open up the terminal and proceed to the project's directory
  • Step 3 - run npm install. This command will install all the required dependencies.
  • Step 4 - run npm run start. The project will start running on http://localhost:3000 (default address).

For setting up the app you have to explicitly set Environment variables in .env file that you can find in this folder.

These are the available environment variables that you'll find in the file.


REACT_APP_SENTRY_SUBSCRIPTION_ID is optional. PUBLIC_URL is the URL of your app.


If you're deploying the App to a sub-folder on the server, you need to explicitly set REACT_APP_BASENAME env var. Otherwise the app won't work. This applications uses virtual routes that are set by React Router. React Router assumes that the App will be available at the root of the domain.

If you want to start the project on a different port, you can always add environment variables. Example: PORT=80 npm start will start the Application on the port :80.

Building for deployment

In general, React apps are static and built by running npm run build. This will create the build directory inside the project's folder. You can upload the build folder via FTP, SSH or even sync it with any S3 Bucket. Remember to change the PUBLIC_URL and REACT_APP_BASENAME env variables accordingly in the .env file.

idScan GO Web Workflow Diagram