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This is a plugin for RoundCube that enables real-time web chat based on JSXC.

JSXC is a JavaScript XMPP client, therefore it requires XMPP server. Before you begin, please check for JSXC prerequisites.


To install the plugin, follow the standard procedure for RoundCube plugin installation.

Here is the snippet for composer.json:

"require" : {
    "jsxc/jsxc": ">=1.0"


To configure the plugin, create in the plugins/jsxc directory. You can use as a reference.

JSXC Configuration

Here you can configure basic XMPP and WebRTC connectivity options, as well as many other parameters. The structure mirrors that of JSXC configuration; please refer to JSXC documentation for the full list of options.


$config['jsxc'] = [
    'xmpp' => [
        'url' => '',
        'domain' => '',
        'resource' => 'JSXC',
        'overwrite' => true,
        'onlogin' => false
    'RTCPeerConfig' => [
        'iceServers' => [
                'urls' => ''

TURN REST API Configuration

If you use a private/corporate TURN server, you probably won't want to expose TURN credentials. This is a well-known problem that has been addressed to some extent by this draft. The plugin supports generating the so-called ephemeral TURN credentials. For that, you'll need to configure shared cryptographic secret(s):

$config['turn'] = [
    'ttl' => 86400,
    'servers' => [
            urls => '',
            secret => 'secret'

If TURN REST API is configured, the whole RTCPeerConfig section from the JSXC config will be overridden.


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