AdEx Core: the smart contracts that power the AdEx Network
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AdEx Core

This repository contains the Ethereum-based core of the AdEx Network, written in Solidity. This includes facilitating registering publishers, advertisers and the exchange that allows them to bid and pay to each other.


git clone --recursive
cd adex-core

# if you missed --recursive for some reason :)
# git submodule update --init --recursive

yarn install
yarn test

Components on mainnet

adex-token.eth - ERC20 token of AdEx

adex-exchange.eth - the on-chain advertising exchange

NOTICE: adex-exchange is currently running the v1 contracts. It will soon be updated to v2


This repository, namely the ADXExchange smart contract might be ported to other blockchains that support smart contracts in a way similar to Ethereum. The platforms considered at the moment are Ethermint (see, RSK and NEO.

The AdEx Core will still be available and maintained for Ethereum.