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Ethereum implementation of the AdEx protocol core
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The Ethereum implementation of the AdEx Protocol.

This replaces adex-core.

This repository implements OUTPACE (off-chain unidirectional trustless payment channel) and a gas abstraction layer called AdEx Identity.

Please note

  • Every channel will eventually expire (after validUntil), allowing the non-withdrawn portion of the initial deposit to be received back by whoever opened the channel.
  • Channels can be created with any ERC20 token; if the underlying token of a channel is insecure or malicious, that also compromises the channel as well; this is out of scope of this contract, since this is a fundamental issue with any system that uses ERC20's; needless to say, the user needs to be aware of what token they're using/earning
  • For more details on how OUTPACE channels work, please read the specs: AdEx Protocol and OUTPACE.


truffle build # This is important cause js/IdentityProxyDeploy uses artifacts from there
npm test


The contract AdExCore from version v3.1.0, compiled with solc v0.5.6 is deployed here:

An Identity, initialized with no privileges, to be used as a basis for IdentityProxy:

An IdentityFactory, set up with the AdEx relayer:

And the Registry:

Deployment strategy

The full deploy processis as follows

  • Deploy AdExCore
  • Deploy an IdentityFactory
  • Deploy a single Identity, with no owners and no registry
  • Deploy a Registry

Verifying on etherscan

truffle compile
cat build/contracts/AdExCore.json | jq '.bytecode' # this is the bytecode you have to deploy
./scripts/ contracts/AdExCore.sol # this will output a bundled .sol code

Gas usage, from the tests

Measured with solc v0.5.6, commit d80fa80424ef7b8932399424f8d919d67b135a30

channelOpen: 69961
channelWithdrawExpired: 70470
channelWithdraw: 137117
execute: 89900
execRoutines: 114440
channelOpen, through execute: 115086


  • G0 Group: all issues discovered were of Low severity, and all were resolved
  • Sigma Prime: 4 issues discovered with "Informational" severity, all resolved


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