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AdGuard Content Blocker


  • AdGuard Content Blocker is a free app. We believe that all free products should be open source, and AdGuard Content Blocker is not an exception. Its code can be found in this repository.
  • Privacy policy: (Briefly: AdGuard sends only necessary, limited information, e.g. information required for filter updates).

AdGuard Content Blocker is a tool to block ads in browsers that support content blocking technology. Currently, these browsers are Samsung Internet and Yandex Browser.

To get more information and to download AdGuard Content Blocker, visit our website

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Our plans

To see the 'big picture', to watch current progress and to get an idea of approximate dates for upcoming AdGuard Content Blocker releases, see this page:


Get it on Google Play Get it on F-Droid

You can also find all AdGuard Content Blocker releases here:

How to report an issue?

GitHub can be used to report a bug or to submit a feature request. To do so, go to this page and click the New issue button. Please, try to use the template that will be provided for you to report bugs (unless your issue is unique enough to justify deviating from the template).

Note: for the filter-related issues (missed ads, false positives etc.) use the online reporting tool.

Becoming a beta tester

To become a beta tester, go to Content Blocker's Google Play page and scroll down to the "Become a beta tester" block. Tap the "I'm in" button to switch to beta channel. You will have an option to leave the beta test at any time the same way.

Translating into other languages

You can help us translate Content Blocker into other languages. Everything you need to know about AdGuard translations is gathered in this KB article. Once you are ready, head to CrowdIn website and start translating β€” even if the translation already exists, you can always suggest a better variant.