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Ada Build Curriculum

This repository contains the materials for the Build program as part of Ada Developers Academy. This curriculum is designed as an introductory curriculum for Ada applicants and aspirants.

Learning at Ada

Through these resources you will learn about the languages that Ada teaches and practice the art of problem solving.

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00 Ada programming languages
01 Effective Internet Searching
02 Problem Solving

Introduction to Programming in Python

These lessons will introduce you to the fundamentals of programming including writing your first program, learning programming vocabulary, and learning to store and interact with data

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00 Programming Environment
01 Hello World
02 Programming Grammar: Comments, Data types, Mathematical operators, Strings
03 Branching: Relational operators, Logical operators, Conditionals
04 Functions
05 Iterators: For and While Loops
06 Lists
07 Dictionaries


Finally, the folx at Ada are always iterating and improving our curriculum. If you find a bug, typo, or just generally have a suggestion for the Ada Build curriculum, you can give feedback by selecting Issues in the github menu bar, and clicking the green button for a New Issue.


The Ada Developers Academy Jump Start program, which is intended for anyone who is interested in beginning their journey into coding.




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