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Internship Placer

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  1. Install the Ruby listed in .ruby-version
  2. Upgrade RubyGems to version 3.0:
gem update --system
  1. Install Bundler 2:
gem install bundler
  1. Install dependencies:
bundle install
  1. Start PostgresQL:
# run "brew install postgres" if not installed.
brew services start postgresql
  1. Initialize Database:
rake db:create
rake db:migrate
  1. Google OAuth
    1. Get permissions from an existing Google Cloud Platform admin. (They need to go into "IAM & admin" > "IAM" and add you as a "Project Owner".)
    2. Go to
    3. Click "Console" . Click "Select a project". Chose "ADADEVELOPERSACADEMY.ORG" as the organization you are selecting from and pick ada-placement-prod.
    4. Click "APIs & Services" and pick "Credentials" from the sidebar.
    5. Click on "Placement App (dev)".
      1. Copy "Client ID" into your .env as GOOGLE_OAUTH_CLIENT_ID.
      2. Copy the "Client secret" to your .env as GOOGLE_OAUTH_CLIENT_SECRET.


Run the tests with bundle exec rake


Start the server with rails s and verify you can log in with your email.

Heroku Access

To Get Deploy Access:

  1. Create a [Heroku](} account with your '' email.
  2. Have an existing admin invite you to the team.


Once you have access to Heroku:

  1. Create a PR on Github.
  2. Open your Heroku Dashboard.
  3. Toggle your team in the upper left to adaacademy.
  4. Click on the ada-placement app. From here you can promote your app to staging (ada-placement-dev) and production (ada-placement-prod).


In no particular order:

  • Rails server / API work
    • Ability to save a placement
    • Ability to load / copy a placement
    • Ability to see a list of placements
    • Different users / classes have different placements (?)
  • Get some real data
    • Needs to be password-protected
  • Change history / undo button
  • Live collaboration from multiple devices
  • General UI/UX improvements
    • Fit more companies on the screen (smaller text, less padding)
    • Show student / company ranking details
    • Better colors
    • Hotkeys?
      • Clear selection
      • Select next unplaced
  • Get data into another format
    • Export to CSV
    • Google Docs API integration?
  • A real README
    • Setup / installation instructions
  • Send emails automatically at the end