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This repository is used to generate the runtime source trees for AdaCore's bare metal targets.


This repository depends on both gcc and gnat repositories to generate a full runtime. However it can also use the sources from an installed compiler and rely on those to just generate the BSP part of the runtime.

You need GNAT Pro 21.0w 20200327 or GNAT Community 2020 minimum to use this repository to generate runtimes.

generation of runtimes

./ --output=temp --build <board1> <board2> ...

The list of supported boards is listed in within build_configs.

The above call with generate the runtimes for in 'temp' and will build them, assuming the proper compiler is in the PATH.

To install the runtime in the compiler's default location, you will thus need to specify

./ --output <gnat_prefix>/<target>/lib/gnat` ...

So for example --output /opt/gnat/arm-eabi/lib/gnat

rebuild of a runtime

To build a runtime with non default options, use the project file present in the runtime folder: runtime_build.gpr for the Light runtimes and ravenscar_build.gpr for Tasking and Embedded runtimes.

To build with debug options, use -XBUILD=Debug ; to build with assertions use -XBUILD=Assert.

So for example to rebuild the ravenscar-sfp-stm32f4 runtime with debug information, assuming GNAT is installed in ~/install/gnat, run the following:

gprbuild -P ~/install/gnat/arm-eabi/lib/gnat/ravenscar-sfp-stm32f4/ravenscar-build.gpr -XBUILD=Debug