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Prototype server for creating interactive "try SPARK / try Ada" webpages


In addition to Python, this system relies on LXC to sandbox the run of executables. To do this, you need

  • a container named "safecontainer"
  • this container should have a non-admin user 'ubuntu'

Getting started

To setup, do this:

# This is to create the virtualenv and install Python stuff
virtualenv env
source env/bin/activate
pip install -r REQUIREMENTS.txt

# This is to initialize the django database
 ./ migrate

# This is to get the ACE editor
cd compile_server/app/static
git clone

To enter the environment, to this

source env/bin/activate

To enter some examples in the database, do this:

./ fill_examples --dir=resources/example/hello_world

To enter many examples in the database where the examples are listed in a yaml file, do this:

./ fill_examples --conf=resources/test_conf.yaml

To launch the server, do this:

./ runserver