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GNAT Components Collection – Database packages
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The GNAT Components Collection (GNATcoll) - Database packages

This is the DB module of the GNAT Components Collection. Please refer to individual components for more details.


This module depends on the following external components, that should be available on your system:

  • GPRbuild
  • gnatcoll-core
  • As well as relevant third-party libraries required by components.

Configuring the build process

The following variables can be used to configure the build process:


  • prefix: location of the installation, the default is the running GNAT installation root.

  • BUILD: control the build options: PROD (default) or DEBUG

  • PROCESSORS: parallel compilation (default is 0, which uses all available cores)

  • TARGET: for cross-compilation, auto-detected for native platforms

  • SOURCE_DIR: for out-of-tree build

  • INTEGRATED: treat prefix as compiler installation (yes/no) this is so that installed GNATcoll project can later be referenced as predefined project of this compiler; this adds a normalized target subdir to prefix default is "no"


Please refer to individual components. To use the default options:

$ make setup


The components of GNATcoll Database are built using standalone GPR project files, to build each of them is as simple as:

$ gprbuild gnatcoll-<component>.gpr

However, to build all versions of the library (static, relocatable and static-pic) it is simpler to use the provided Makefiles:

$ make -C <component>

Then, to install it:

$ make -C <component> install

Bug reports

Please send questions and bug reports to following the same procedures used to submit reports with the GNAT toolset itself.

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