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import org.flixel.*; //Get access to all the wonders flixel has to offer
public class PlayState extends FlxState //The class declaration for the main game state
public var player:PlayerShip; //refers to the little player ship at the bottom
public var playerBullets:FlxGroup; //refers to the bullets you shoot
public var aliens:FlxGroup; //refers to all the squid monsters
public var alienBullets:FlxGroup; //refers to all the bullets the enemies shoot at you
public var shields:FlxGroup; //refers to the box shields along the bottom of the game
//Some meta-groups for speeding up overlap checks later
public var vsPlayerBullets:FlxGroup; //Meta-group to speed up the shield collisions later
public var vsAlienBullets:FlxGroup; //Meta-group to speed up the shield collisions later
//This is where we create the main game state!
//Inside this function we will create and orient all the important game objects.
override public function create():void
var i:int;
//We're using the global scores array to store a basic, state-independent status string.
//If there is no status string (the scores array is empty) then make a new welcome message.
if(FlxG.scores.length <= 0)
//First we will instantiate the bullets you fire at your enemies.
var numPlayerBullets:uint = 8;
playerBullets = new FlxGroup(numPlayerBullets);//Initializing the array is very important and easy to forget!
var sprite:FlxSprite;
for(i = 0; i < numPlayerBullets; i++) //Create 8 bullets for the player to recycle
sprite = new FlxSprite(-100,-100); //Instantiate a new sprite offscreen
sprite.makeGraphic(2,8); //Create a 2x8 white box
sprite.exists = false;
playerBullets.add(sprite); //Add it to the group of player bullets
//NOTE: what we're doing here with bullets might seem kind of complicated but
// it is a good thing to get into the practice of doing. What we are doing
// is creating a big pile of bullets that we can recycle, because there are only
// ever like 10 bullets or something on screen at once anyways.
//Now that we have a list of bullets, we can initialize the player (and give them the bullets)
player = new PlayerShip();
add(player); //Adds the player to the state
//Then we kind of do the same thing for the enemy invaders; first we make their bullets.
var numAlienBullets:uint = 32;
alienBullets = new FlxGroup(numAlienBullets);
for(i = 0; i < numAlienBullets; i++)
sprite = new FlxSprite(-100,-100);
sprite.exists = false;
//...then we go through and make the invaders. This looks all mathy but it's not that bad!
//We're basically making 5 rows of 10 invaders, and each row is a different color.
var numAliens:uint = 50;
aliens = new FlxGroup(numAliens);
var a:Alien;
var colors:Array = new Array(FlxG.BLUE, (FlxG.BLUE | FlxG.GREEN), FlxG.GREEN, (FlxG.GREEN | FlxG.RED), FlxG.RED);
for(i = 0; i < numAliens; i++)
a = new Alien( 8 + (i % 10) * 32, //The X position of the alien
24 + int(i / 10) * 32, //The Y position of the alien
colors[int(i / 10)], alienBullets);
//Finally, we're going to make the little box shields at the bottom of the screen.
//Each shield is made up of a bunch of little white 2x2 pixel blocks.
//That way they look like they're getting chipped apart as they get shot.
//This also looks kind of crazy and mathy (it sort of is), but we're just
// telling the game where to put all the individual bits that make up each box.
shields = new FlxGroup();
for(i = 0; i < 64; i++)
sprite = new FlxSprite( 32 + 80 * int(i / 16) + (i % 4) * 4, //The X position of this shield piece
FlxG.height - 32 + (int((i % 16) / 4) * 4));//The Y position of this shield piece = false;
//This "meta-group" stores the things the player bullets can shoot.
vsPlayerBullets = new FlxGroup();
//This "meta-group" stores the things the alien bullets can shoot.
vsAlienBullets = new FlxGroup();
//Then we're going to add a text field to display the label we're storing in the scores array.
var t:FlxText = new FlxText(4,4,FlxG.width-8,FlxG.scores[0]);
t.alignment = "center";
//This is the main game loop function, where all the logic is done.
override public function update():void
//This just says if the user clicked on the game to hide the cursor
//Space invaders doesn't really even use collisions, we're just checking for overlaps between
// the bullets flying around and the shields and player and stuff.
//THIS IS SUPER IMPORTANT and also easy to forget. But all those objects that we added
// to the state earlier (i.e. all of everything) will not get automatically updated
// if you forget to call this function. This is basically saying "state, call update
// right now on all of the objects that were added."
//Now that everything has been updated, we are going to check and see if there
// is a game over yet. There are two ways to get a game over - player dies,
// OR player kills all aliens. First we check to see if the player is dead:
FlxG.scores[0] = "YOU LOST"; //Player died, so set our label to YOU LOST
else if(aliens.getFirstExtant() == null)
FlxG.scores[0] = "YOU WON"; //No aliens left; you win!
//We want aliens to mow down shields when they touch them, not die
protected function stuffHitStuff(Object1:FlxObject,Object2:FlxObject):void