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import flash.geom.Point;
import flash.geom.Rectangle;
import org.flixel.*;
public class PlayState extends FlxState
public var toggle:Boolean;
protected const _bloom:uint = 6; //How much light bloom to have - larger numbers = more
protected var _fx:FlxSprite; //Our helper sprite - basically a mini screen buffer (see below)
//This is where everything gets set up for the game state
override public function create():void
//Title text, nothing crazy here!
var text:FlxText;
text = new FlxText(FlxG.width/4,FlxG.height/2-20,FlxG.width/2,"FlxBloom",true);
text = new FlxText(FlxG.width/4,FlxG.height/2+20,FlxG.width/2,"press space to toggle",true);
//This is the sprite we're going to use to help with the light bloom effect
//First, we're going to initialize it to be a fraction of the screens size
_fx = new FlxSprite();
_fx.setOriginToCorner(); //Zero out the origin so scaling goes from top-left, not from center
_fx.scale.x = _bloom; //Scale it up to be the same size as the screen again
_fx.scale.y = _bloom; //Scale it up to be the same size as the screen again
_fx.antialiasing = true; //Set AA to true for maximum blurry
_fx.blend = "screen"; //Set blend mode to "screen" to make the blurred copy transparent and brightening
//Note that we do not add it to the game state! It's just a helper, not a "real" sprite.
//Then we scale the screen buffer down, so it draws a smaller version of itself
// into our tiny FX buffer, which is already scaled up. The net result of this operation
// is a blurry image that we can render back over the screen buffer to create the bloom. = 1/_bloom; = 1/_bloom;
//This is the particle emitter that spews things off the bottom of the screen.
//I'm not going to go over it in too much detail here, but basically we
// create the emitter, then we create 50 16x16 sprites and add them to it.
var particles:uint = 50;
var emitter:FlxEmitter = new FlxEmitter(0,FlxG.height+8,particles);
emitter.width = FlxG.width;
emitter.y = FlxG.height+20;
emitter.gravity = -40;
var particle:FlxParticle;
var colors:Array = new Array(FlxG.BLUE, (FlxG.BLUE | FlxG.GREEN), FlxG.GREEN, (FlxG.GREEN | FlxG.RED), FlxG.RED);
for(var i:uint = 0; i < particles; i++)
particle = new FlxParticle();
particle.exists = false;
//Allows users to toggle the effect on and off with the space bar. Effect starts on.
toggle = true;
override public function update():void
toggle = !toggle;
//This is where we do the actual drawing logic for the game state
override public function draw():void
//This draws all the game objects
//The actual blur process is quite simple now.
//First we draw the contents of the screen onto the tiny FX buffer:
//Then we draw the scaled-up contents of the FX buffer back onto the screen: