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import org.flixel.*;
//This is our main game state, where we initialize all our game objects and do
// things like check for game over, perform collisions, etc.
public class PlayState extends FlxState
public var playerShip:PlayerShip; //Refers to the little player playerShip
public var bullets:FlxGroup; //A list of the bullets you shoot at the asteroids
public var asteroids:FlxGroup; //A list of all the asteroids
public var timer:Number; //A timer to decide when to make a new asteroid
override public function create():void
var i:uint;
var sprite:FlxSprite;
//scatter some stars around the background
for(i = 0; i < 100; i++)
sprite = new FlxSprite(FlxG.random()*FlxG.width,FlxG.random()*FlxG.height);
sprite.makeGraphic(1,1); = false;
//Initialize the list of asteroids, and generate a few right off the bat
asteroids = new FlxGroup();
//Initialize the playerShip and add it to the layer
playerShip = new PlayerShip();
//Then instantiate the bullets you fire at your enemies.
var numBullets:uint = 32;
bullets = new FlxGroup(numBullets);
for(i = 0; i < numBullets; i++)
//Instantiate a new 2x8 generic sprite offscreen
sprite = new WrapSprite(-100, -100);
sprite.makeGraphic(8, 2);
sprite.width = 10; //We're going to exaggerate the bullet'sprite bounding box a little
sprite.height = 10;
sprite.offset.x = -1;
sprite.offset.y = -4;
sprite.exists = false;
bullets.add(sprite); //Add it to the array of player bullets
//The main game loop function
override public function update():void
//Count down the new asteroid timer
timer -= FlxG.elapsed;
if(timer <= 0)
//Pretty much always call the main game loop's parent update.
//This goes and calls update on all the objects you added to this state
//Perform collisions between the different objects. Overlap will
// check to see if any of those sprites touch, and if they do, it will
// call kill() on both of them, which sets 'exists' to false, and 'dead' to true.
//You can optionally pass it a callback function if you want more detailed reactions.
FlxG.overlap(bullets, asteroids, stuffHitStuff); //Check to see if any bullets overlap any asteroids
FlxG.overlap(asteroids, playerShip, stuffHitStuff); //Check to see if any asteroids overlap the playerShip
FlxG.collide(asteroids); //Bounce asteroids off each other
//If the player died, reset the game
//Simple overlap handler that just calls "kill()" on the overlapping objects.
//In this game, this is called whenever bullets overlap an asteroid,
// or when an asteroid overlaps the player's ship.
protected function stuffHitStuff(Object1:FlxObject,Object2:FlxObject):void
//This function resets the timer and adds a new asteroid to the game
private function spawnAsteroid():void
//Create a new asteroid and add it to the group
var asteroid:Asteroid = asteroids.recycle(Asteroid) as Asteroid;
timer = 1+FlxG.random()*4; //Reset the timer