Running Mode in FlashDevelop

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Open FlashDevelop. In the Project menu, select “New Project.”
In the window that pops up, select the “AS3 Project” template.
Set the name of the project to “Mode”, and choose a suitable location for the project.
Now press “OK.”

In the location that you chose for your project, FlashDevelop has created several directories and a project file. Your Mode/ directory should now contain:

  • bin/ – where the compiled SWF will end up
  • lib/ – libraries
  • src/ – the source code of the project
  • Mode.as3proj

Download and extract the contents of Mode into your Mode/ directory. Since this is the source code for Mode, you need to erase your previous src/ directory and rename this directory to src/.
Download Flixel and extract the org/ directory inside the base directory into src/.
Now, your src/ directory should contain:

  • com/ – contains the Mode code
  • data/ – contains graphics and sounds
  • org/ – contains the flixel code
  • Default.css – used by FlexBuilder, so it’s okay to delete this
  • license.txt – the MIT license, used by Mode and Flixel
  • – the entry point for the Mode game
  • – a preloader, to make your game run smoothly

In FlashDevelop, right click on “” in the Project panel, and select “Always Compile.”

Congratulations, everything is set up! Press F5 or click the “Test Movie” button to run Mode!

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