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caught annoying corner case for the game loop timing

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1 parent bf9e853 commit 4d6f5e8a1986e27d204d34a277f5a0ba9691e7d8 @AdamAtomic committed Apr 27, 2011
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  1. +2 −0 org/flixel/
2 org/flixel/
@@ -316,6 +316,8 @@ package org.flixel
if(_game.root != null)
_game.stage.frameRate = _game._flashFramerate;
_game._maxAccumulation = 2000/Framerate - 1;
+ if(_game._maxAccumulation < _game._step)
+ _game._maxAccumulation = _game._step;

2 comments on commit 4d6f5e8

goshki commented on 4d6f5e8 Apr 28, 2011

So basically, right now all three branches are merged into one tree but beta and dev branches point at different commits back in time. I guess, when you now commit something into the dev branch, then this particular commit won't be visible in there, right?


I just forgot to merge that into beta and dev, it was just a bug I caught late last night.

"Flixel comes in a few different flavors: Master, Beta, and Dev. Master is the most stable, but thusly the oldest code. Beta is newer than Master, but is still being tested by the community. Dev is the least stable, most experimental version of Flixel. Generally, when new features are added to Flixel, they are first added to the Dev branch. When the dust settles, those changes graduate to Beta, and are eventually merged to Master."

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