Error FlxTilemap.overlaps() when iterating through FlxGroup #192

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In: in line 870 there is:

while(i < length)

It should be while(i < members.length) because right now it always iterates only once.


This error affects all versions from 2.53 up.

@moly moly added a commit to moly/flixel that referenced this issue Sep 17, 2012
@moly moly FlxTilemap.ovelaps() not iterating through FlxGroup
Also fixed FlxObject::overlaps/overlapsAt to check for null objects when iterating.
Fixed FlixelCommunity/flixel#39, AdamAtomic/flixel#192
@IQAndreas IQAndreas pushed a commit to IQAndreas-testprojects/IQAndreas-flixel that referenced this issue Nov 15, 2013
@Dovyski Dovyski Tweaks for FlxObject.overlap* and fixes for FlxTilemap.overlap*
I extended the fixes of FlxObject.overlap*() to FlxTilemap.overlap*(). I also added a break statement when a collision is detected since all overlap() methods return just a boolean.

Fix FlixelCommunity#39 and AdamAtomic#192 .
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