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Welcome to the flixel wiki! Here you can find tutorials, tips, and even source to full games. If you have written a tutorial on the forums or your blog, please consider taking the time to add it here!


  • Official Documentation
    Official ASDocs for the flixel framework.
  • Release Notes
    Stay up to date with flixel changes.
  • Bug Tracking
    Experiencing a bug, or want to help wipe them out?
  • Feature Requests
    Here is where to post about features you would like to see in upcoming flixel versions.
  • Help Forum
    Still having problems? Ask the experienced users.
  • Adobe Resources
    Adobe provides lots of documentation on ActionScript 3, and sometimes your problems might be related to ActionScript itself. Definitely check-out the “Programming ActionScript 3.0” manual.
  • Flixel badges
    Little logos for your website or game title screens or whatever!
  • Useful Software
    A collection of pixel, tilemap, and audio editing software.
  • Flash Game Dojo
    A site community-powered knowledge base for actionscript and game dev in general.


Articles that explore the most basic fundamentals of the creation of Flash games, and flixel games in particular.


Very basic tutorials that explore the fundamentals of creating a functional flixel game.

NOTE: The following tutorials are for slightly older versions of flixel and probably need to be updated when they’re ported:


More advanced tutorials involving levels, enemies, and other classic game objects.

NOTE: Bored? Port and update a tutorial for the wiki!



Miscellaneous snippets of code that are designed to solve one problem or another.

NOTE: Hosted on the forums.


These are complete, open-source game projects that are available for forking and downloading here on github.

| Introduction | Beginner Tutorials | Intermediate Tutorials | Advanced Tutorials | Tips & Tricks | Games on github |

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