Useful Software

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A list of useful programs and utilities that might help your game development.

Pixel Editors

Graphics Gale (windows — free)
A very popular pixel editor and great overall tool. Supports animation, layers, onion skin, palettes and more.

Cosmigo Pro Motion (windows — US$ 78.00)
Huge set of features: animation, layers, onion skin, palettes, tilemaps.

Tile Studio (windows — free)
Both a pixel editor and tilemap editor (doesn’t export to flixel tilemap format). It seems development has stopped… but the current version is quite complete.

Pixen (mac — free)
Very complete editor for mac. Supports animations, layers, onion skin, palettes and more.

Allegro Sprite Editor (windows, mac and compilable on anything else — free)
A complete, cross-platform solution. Supports animations, layers, palettes.

Pencil (windows, mac and linux — free)
This isn’t really oriented on pixel editing, but works fine for it. Supports vectors, advanced animation, layers, palettes and more.

SWF2SpriteSheet (windows, mac, and linux —US $10.00_) (_TRIALS AVAILABLE)
This is a really useful utility that convert Flash IDE animations (in SWF format) to a PNG sprite sheet.

Slate (windows, mac and linux — free)
A simple bitmap editor for 2D tilesets, whose goal is to simplify the creation of seamless tilesets.

Tilemap Editors

Flevel (browser — free)
A simple tilemap editor made in Flixel that runs in your browser. Supports flixel map format, layers, sprites and more.

DAME (windows, mac, linux — free)
Created with Flixel in mind, this tilemap editor looks very promising. Supports lots of stuff.

Flan (windows, mac — free for non-commercial use)
A map editor created specifically for flixel. Supports flixel map format, layers, sprites, parallax and more.

Wasabi M (windows — free for non-commercial use)
A new tile map editor built specifically for flixel. Supports flixel map format, layers, sprites, tile stamps and more.

Mappy (windows — free)
Very complete tile map editor. Supports flixel format through plug-in, layers, isometric & hexagonal and lots more.

Tiled (all platforms — free)
A java based tile editor. To use with Flixel see this.

Ogmo (all platforms supported by adobe air — Donationware)
Small tiles map editors, exports to an xml file.

Audio related

NOTE: These are all free tools, there is so many audio software out there that listing them here would be ridiculous.

Audacity (all platforms — free)
Audio editor with multi-track support.

LMMS (windows, linux — free)
Quite complete Fruity Loops clone.

Musagi (windows — free)
From the author of sfxr, this is a sophisticated sequencer/synthesizer to compose and arrange songs.

sfxr (windows, mac — free)
Very useful 8 bit sound effect generator. An online version is also available.

Milky Tracker (all platforms — free)
Fast Tracker based, Protracker compatible 8 bit music tracker.