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The (sloppy) source code for a top-down 2D action-adventure game made with Flixel.

ActionScript 17 1 Updated Aug 22, 2011

simple raster/bitmap game animations

Java 3 Updated May 3, 2011

My #LD48 entry, a sort of GIRP-inspired tower defense

ActionScript 12 8 Updated May 1, 2011

A simple project developers can use to create feature demos for the new website.

ActionScript 2 Updated Apr 27, 2011

Abandoned prototype for a dynamically generated RPG overworld

ActionScript 11 Updated Mar 14, 2011

The source code for the "idea bucket" game for GameCity 5

ActionScript 8 Updated Nov 3, 2010

a painting app for the web. 22kb single source file (5kb compiled), native AS3 + Flash libs (no external libs)

ActionScript 9 Updated Jun 1, 2010

A simple platforming game - collect coins and reach the exit to win. VERY SIMPLE.

ActionScript 35 13 Updated Apr 27, 2011

A simple set of 2d physics + collision demos for flixel v2.0

ActionScript 19 6 Updated Apr 27, 2011

A simple motion blur demo showing off the new pre-process hook

ActionScript 4 1 Updated Apr 27, 2011

A very simple demo showing flixel's new post-processing system.

ActionScript 8 2 Updated Apr 27, 2011

A very simple flixel game inspired by the classic arcade shooter.

ActionScript 13 7 Updated Apr 27, 2011

A very simple flixel game inspired by the Taito classic.

ActionScript 23 9 Updated Apr 27, 2011

A very simple hello world flixel app.

ActionScript 8 6 Updated Apr 27, 2011

A small (but sadly not that simple) demo game built on the flixel framework. Hopefully it will become kind of obsolete with the creation of more targeted, simple, and smaller open source demo games!

ActionScript 70 24 Updated Apr 27, 2011

flixel is a free Actionscript (Flash) library that I distilled from a variety of Flash games that I've worked on over the last couple years, including Gravity Hook, Fathom and Canabalt. It's primary function is to provide some useful base classes that you can extend to make your own game objects.

ActionScript 1,155 208 Updated Nov 5, 2015