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Releases: AdamBien/lightfish


05 Feb 07:30
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No major features, but less resource consumption:

  1. The code base was streamlined and the asynchronous behavior greatly simplified.
  2. Asynchronous collectors were simplified and the resource consumption minimized
  3. LightView was stabilized
  4. Installation size of the WAR reduced to 373 kB (still too big)

Application Monitoring

17 Sep 08:54
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  1. LightFish management is exposed via REST API
  2. LightFish exposes application monitoring data
  3. LightView is extended to monitor applications and manage lightfish without the web view.

Start lightview with java -jar lightview-app.jar. LightView requires Java 8. LightFish runs on Java 7

GlassFishv4 version

26 Aug 12:10
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LightFish is able to run on GlassFish v4 and is able to monitor GlassFish v4 and v3 instances.

Lean Edition

26 Aug 13:40
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LightFish was decoupled from LightView. All applet and webstart references are dropped. LightFish download size could be reduced by 70%.