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2-12-13 0.0.9

  • added ruby-esque object literals
  • added def foo for methods inside object literal
  • added def for methods outside object literal
  • added def foo >>> bar methods for attaching prototype
    object myWidget
      key, "value"
      def sayHi(name)
        puts puts "Hello #{name}"
      def getKey
        return @key

    # define method outside of object literal
    def myWidget.sayBye
      puts "goodbye!"

    # attaches baz to String's prototype
    def String >>> baz(x)
      # do stuff

2-11-13 0.0.8

  • added anonymous function blocks. These currently still need parens preceding the block (ex below).
  • dropping support for coffeescript style arrow functions in favor of block like syntax.
    myBtn.on('click', do |x|
      @slideToggle "slow"

2-6-13 0.0.7

  • added bracketless if/else if/else statements.
  • found bug were some keywords in string are getting transformed, working on a fix for this.
  • added string interpolation. You can add anything inside of #{....} except for curly brackets.... that won't compile.

2-1-13 0.0.6

  • Added func keyword. This now defines a function using a variable name.
    func foo                     var foo = function() {
      puts "hello world"           console.log("hello world");
    end                          }

    func bar(p1, p2)             var bar = function(p1, p2) {
      puts p1 + p2                 console.log(p1 + p2);
    end                          }
  • Added Ruby/CoffeeScript style case/switch statement. Switch is kept the same, as using Ruby's case would be confusing/awkward to most JS devs. A few caveats, currently you still must use break to prevent falling through, unless it's a one liner while/then. In that case the break gets appended automatically. Also the default keyword is still default. I can't use else without lexing the case statement first... perhaps this will change to else in the future. Vanilla Switch/Case still works as normal

2-1-13 0.0.5

  • Added arrow functions. These work like CoffeeScript with one caveat. They need to be closed with a } or end. This means using them as a callback will require }); or end); for the time being.

1-31-13 0.0.4

  • Added error message when no files are passed into compiler
  • Added alias for printf (node only, aliases #process.stdout.write)
  • Added aliases do and end, works with properly formatted do while loops
  • Added alias puts (aliased to console.log)
  • Fixed commenting out string interpolation " #{foo} "
  • Fixed issue with @ not working in 0.0.3, @ now aliases this properly

1-26-13 0.0.3

  • Tests made for cmdLine.js and compile.js
  • File watch now works with individual files (dir watch coming soon)
  • Single line hash comments working
  • @ alias partially working, a floating @ for a context param will compile to @.

1-25-13 0.0.2

  • Lots of housecleaning

1-24-13 0.0.1

  • Setup app structure and basic file IO