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Request Network for WooCommerce

Request Network for WooCommerce


The Request Network for WooCommerce plugin extends WooCommerce allowing you to take cryptocurrency payments directly on your store powered by the Request Network. The plugin has no setup fees, no monthly fees and no hidden costs.


Automatic and Manual Installation

For help setting up and configuring, please refer to our installation guide

The manual installation method involves downloading the plugin and uploading it to your web server via your favorite FTP application. The WordPress codex contains instructions on how to do this here.


  • Allow customers to pay with Metamask or their Ledger Nano S hardware wallet.
  • Accept payments in ETH and ERC20 tokens (REQ, DAI, KNC, OMG, DGX, KIN, BNB, BAT, ZRX and LINK). Bitcoin support coming soon.
  • 100% free, no setup fees, no monthly fees and no hidden costs. 
  • Quick and easy installation. 
  • Real-time currency exchange rates with support for multiple currencies. 
  • Allows for testing on test-net (Rinkeby).

Supported Currencies

Request Network for WooCommerce currently supports:

  • USD
  • GBP
  • EUR
  • CNY
  • JPY
  • CAD
  • RUB
  • PLN
  • AUD
  • SGD
  • HKD
  • ZAR
  • CHF
  • INR
  • NZD
  • DKK
  • KRW
  • BRL
  • IDR
  • and more

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you be taking any profit for the plugin?

No, the plugin will be 100% free — no profit will be taken by me or the Request team.

Does this require an SSL certificate?

No, although it is HIGHLY recommended you use SSL when handling any sensitive customer data.

Will more ERC20 tokens be added in the future?

Yes, we will slowly be adding more ERC20 tokens in the future.

Does this support both mainnet and testnet for testing?

Yes it does - mainnet and testnet (Rinkeby) can be toggled on/off in the plugin settings.

Where can I find documentation?

For help setting up and configuring, please refer to our installation guide, if you are still having issues you can contact me here.

Where can I get support or talk to other users?

If you get stuck, you can contact me here.

Powered by the Request Network

Request Network is a decentralized network built on top of Ethereum, which allows anyone, anywhere to request a payment. More information about the Request Network project can be found here.

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