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Repository of experimental Android Studio ebuilds for Linux Gentoo

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This is my repository for Gentoo packages. Contains:

  • experimental packages for Android Studio (stable, beta and canary) to be able for installing these side by side.
  • experimental packages for IntelliJ IDEA Community (uses built-in JBR 17).
    Built-in version of JBR differs from standalone, because it contains some add-ons for product with which it is shipped: Some info about it.
    Installing built-in version doesn't mean that it have to be used for development. It can be changed in File -> Project Structure

This repository is available on Gentoo repositories list, so to use it do:

	$ eselect repository enable adasss

Of course, if you want to use my packages immediately, don't forget to do:

	$ emerge --sync adasss

If you don't want use some of my packages you can mask them in /etc/portage/package.mask, for example:


It is possible to report bugs on Gentoo Bugzilla by starting title with (e.g.):


But if it regards Android Studio crash, while trying to run emulator, first try to uninstall and install emulator again.

Also, if you haven't seen it yet, take a look at the official Gentoo Wiki article on Android Studio

If you want to support my work in any way you could at least write "Hello" here: Welcome topic


Repository of experimental Android Studio ebuilds for Linux Gentoo






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