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Alpha-beta pruning minimax AI for Four in a Row. 2nd Year university assignment.
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An alpha-beta pruning minimaxing AI for Four in a Row

This project was created as part of a second year university assignment. This implementation utilises a heuristic minimax algorithm to generate the AI's move.

To achieve this, the game board is stored as two bit array; one for each player. Storing the board as a bit array allows faster computation of static evaluations allowing for faster generation of AI moves using bit manipulations. The bit array is mapped to the game board as shown below:

where the number represents the index of the tile within the bit array

Once a player makes a move, the AI generates a tree of all possible moves from the current state. An static evaluation function is applied to generate a score for any given state and is used as the value of each node in the tree. The depth of this tree is set to 2 (meaning the first layer represents a maximum played by the AI and the second is a minimum played by the player).

By performing a minmax on the tree (with AB pruning to speed up computation), a move for the AI can be generated.
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