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I listened to the car as it scratched against the post while I tried to pull out of a parking space. Some jackass decided that parking super close to me was a good thing, no one said it was a good thing or even an easy thing. I sat there in my car wondering if this was some cosmic way of teaching me a lesson. A lesson in patience, high-horse behaviour and a trip back down to earth.

When did learning a lesson get so damn complicated?

As I sit here watching the last couple episodes of sex and the city and I look at my bank account and credit card statements I wonder if I can afford these fixes, I wonder if I can afford the winter tires I so desperately need. I started to get anxious, nervous and even scared.

The drama at the vape store never seems to end, the people go around and around with bad relationships and toxic friendships. All of this started to get to me and makes me wonder why I go or why I am involved in this.

Why is it that sometimes friendships and family seem harder then life lessons or dating? Both of which are hard, but this all seemed impossible. Can the impossible become possible? Can life lessons lead to a happy ending?

I sat here watching sex and the city and watching the last couple episodes and I started thinking about friendships and how they never end, even if you leave to another city, country or in carries case: continent.

So I guess the life lesson for me in all of this is to shut up, deal with it and move on. It seems that if I am able to that, then this happy ending I so desperately look for will come through in its fruition.