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Lucid Scripts for RPG Maker MV

These are a set of scripts for the famous RPG Maker MV.

These are all written in ES6 and requires understanding of build tools such as Webpack and babel.

These scripts can be installed in to your RPG Maker game to add additional or enhance existing functionality in the game.


To get started, clone this repository. Either make sure you have Yarn installed or npm.

Run yarn or npm install at the root of the cloned directory.

To compile the scripts run yarn/npm run build:all:dev for development or yarn/npm run build:all for production.


yarn/npm run build:all should be run before making commits and PR's yarn/npm run build:all:dev is only for your development purposes and testing the script.

Note that the .md files that contain the header comments, must be the same name as the the .dist/ file thats generated by webpack.

Submitting Bugs

  • What scripts do you have and in what order.
    • Are they the latest version of the authors plugins?
  • What is the exact error and stack trace (f8 to open the console and screen shot please).


All scripts are free to use, edit, modify and redistribute according to the license in this repository.

If any script is used in your game, commercial or other wise, I require credit in the credit section. You can credit: Adam Balan - Lucid Scripts (Or Eviticous On The Rpg Maker Forums)

All scripts come from ./dist

List Of Scripts