A tool for error-checking WFTDA Statsbooks
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Statsbook Tool is a utility for processing WFTDA statsbook files. It will read a WFTDA Excel spreadsheet file and produce a list of detected errors. In addition, it can export rosters from the IGRF page of the StatsBook in .xml format for importation to CRG Scoreboard. It can also save the game in DerbyJSON format, in case that proves useful for some reason.

This software is not provided, endorsed, produced, or supported by the WFTDA. It is not guaranteed to work, to be free of false positives, false negatives, random bugs, or apocalyptic curses.

At present it supports the 2017 and 2018 statsbook formats. Feed it an older statsbook at your own peril.

Installable binaries are located at: https://github.com/AdamSmasherDerby/Statsbook-Tool/releases

Installation instructions:

Windows: Download and run Stastbook.Tool.Setup.x.x.x-Windows.exe

Mac: Download and run the Statsbook.Tool-x.x.x.dmg file. Drag the flamingo onto the folder. Right or control click the StatsBook Tool program and select "open." Agree to run the software, despite dire warnings of awful consequences. (The awful consequences are that I have not ponied up $100 for a Developer certificate to sign the code.)

Linux: Download stastbooktool.AppImage, then type "chmod a+x statsbooktool-1.1.2-x86_64.AppImage" to make the file executable.

List of errors currently checked:


  1. NP checked with points.
  2. No points (including a zero) entered, but NP not checked.
  3. "Lead" checked for both jammers.
  4. "Call" checked for both jammers.
  5. "Injury" checked on one team but not the other.
  6. Star pass for only one team.
  7. Jam number out of sequence.
  8. Points given to more than one jammer in the same trip during a star pass.
  9. Skipped column on score sheet.
  10. SP* with jammer number entered.
  11. Points scored with no lead jammer and 'lost' not recorded for the scoring team.
  12. Jammer not on IGRF.


  1. "FO" entered for skater with fewer than 7 penalties.
  2. Seven or more penalties without "FO" or expulsion code entered.
  3. Expulsion code entered for jam with no penalty.
  4. Penalty code without jam number, or jam number without penalty.
  5. Skater not on IGRF.


  1. Players listed more than once in the same jam on the lineup tab.
  2. "I" or "|" in lineups without the player being in the box already.
  3. Skater previously seated in the box with no code on present line.
  4. Skater seated in a prior jam with no marked exit from the box.
  5. "$" or "S" entered for a skater already in the box.
  6. "No Pivot" not checked after star pass.
  7. Skaters entered on lines beginning with "SP*".
  8. "ᚾ" entered instead of "X".
  9. Skater not on IGRF.

Lineups + Penalties:

  1. Penalties on skaters not listed on the lineup for that jam.
  2. "X" in lineups without a matching penalty.
  3. "/" in lineups without a matching penalty.
  4. "S" or "$" in lineups without a matching penalty.
  5. Penalty recorded without a "X", "/", "S", or "$".
  6. Fouled out skater still in box.

Scores + Penalties:

  1. Penalties recorded in jam numbers that are not present on the score sheet.


  1. Errors that may be correctly entered substitutions.
  2. No box entry listed for skater penalized in last jam.
  3. No points and no initial trip checked for a jammer who passes the star.
  4. Lost lead checked without a penalty in the corresponding jam.
  5. Missing data from IGRF
  6. Jam called for injury checked without a corresponding "3" on the lineups tab.
  7. Jammers with lead and a penalty, but not marked "lost."

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Release Notes

  • 1.0.0 - May 11, 2018
    • Initial public release
  • 1.1.0 - May 18, 2018
    • Export to CRG
    • Tolerance for lowercase 'sp' and 'x'
    • Check for negative and zero jam numbers
    • Check for points scored with no lead jammer and lost not checked.
  • 1.1.1 - May 20, 2018
    • Bugfix for CRG Export option to handle special characters correctly
  • 1.1.2 - June 3, 2018
    • Move Lead / Penalty / Not Lost from errors to warnings
    • Add check for skaters on SP* lines
    • Doesn't crash on missing jam numbers
    • Added game clock cells to statsbook template for compatibility with CRG Import Tool.
  • 1.1.3 - June 6, 2018
    • Fixed bug in SP* check.
    • Clarified that Warnings are not necessarily errors.
  • 1.1.4 - June 12, 2018
    • Added keyboard shortcut for exit.
    • Detects letters entered as jam numbers
    • Fixed bug in CRG Export introduced in 1.1.1
  • 1.1.5 - June 25, 2018
    • Fixed bug with reading injuries in lineups
    • Added tooltips to error list
    • Added check for ᚾ in lineups.
    • Added check for fouled out skater still in box
  • 1.1.6 -
    • Added checks for skaters not on IGRF. (Duplicates conditional formatting from StatsBook.)
    • Updated dependencies
    • Doesn't crash when checking one period games.