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Font kerning #2

wants to merge 5 commits into from

2 participants

  • initial font kerning
  • webfont kit (generated using
  • new font keyboard map

If you could open this on the Climacons-Font repo instead

I'd like to keep the two separate.

Thanks dude :)


To be honest I'm not sure how to do a pull request on a repo that isn't the upstream repo :S

Github gives me the "pull request" button, which does this automatically. Do I need to re-fork that new repo and re-commit my changes?

Out of curiosity, why the separate repos? Would you rather just refer people to my fork for the font-version and have me maintain it?


Sure, I'd be happy to maintain the font version. One question, would you like the .eps & .ps versions removed from the font repo?


Ok. I've re-worked the font repo, it should be good to go. New URL is here:

Have a look at it and let me know if there is anything that I missed or if anything else needs to change.

If you come across any kerning issues or any other type of concern please open up an issue and I'll tackle it at my earliest convenience. I might open one or two myself over the next couple of days so I can get your opinion on a few things.



Last thing before we go live (as I can't fork my own fork it seems) can you amend the README to:

Visit the Climacons Font website for a full character map and usage instructions.

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