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An awesome Vim config for development, slow roasted with a Ruby twist and a shot of web-dev. Note nvim support is better on the nvim branch, if that's more your cup of tea! ☕


Assuming you already have vim, just run:

    git clone ~/.vim && ~/.vim/install

Should this not leave you with a nice working vim (certain vims are a bit iffy about the last line) then launch vim and run :PlugUpdate

If you are using zsh there may be an issue running tests with ,t (it can't find the bundle). If you don't already have an /etc/zprofile file it can be fixed by doing the following:

    sudo mv /etc/zshenv /etc/zprofile

more details here:

PS: Neovim specific improvements are on the neovim branch

External Dependencies

There are a couple of things you need to install to get the best out of this config:

  • ctags - enables tags support when working with code
  • Ag - enables grepping through the current directories with the_silver_searcher
  • Ack - enables grepping through the current directories with Ack-grep. Only needed if you can't (or won't) install Ag.

The following are not essential, though useful, dependencies which you may have use for:

  • FZF - Enables faster file fuzzy searching. Install following these instructions
  • NodeJS - enables integration for JS tools listed here
  • CSScomb - enables CSS formating and organisation via a node tool. Install with npm install -g csscomb
  • ESLint - enables JS linting with support for Babel and React/JSX. Install with npm install -g eslint babel-eslint eslint-plugin-react


    cd ~/.vim
    git pull

If you've installed the auto-update hook, the git pull should trigger Vim to update and you're done!

Manually update by opening Vim and running :PlugClean and :PlugUpdate.


We all like things a little differently, so there are a couple of ways to easily tweak and add to the config.

Add more plugins

Simply write normal plugin lines to ~/.vim.plugins.local. For example:

Plug 'AdamWhittingham/projector_mode'

Set up, override or extend config

Changes like using a different font or colour scheme can be made by writing Vim config into ~/.vimrc.local

Using the config

The Leader Key

A large number of the useful commands in Vim start with the 'leader' key, so Vim knows something cool is about to happen.

For this config, the leader is the comma button. This is shown in the following notes as <space>


This config comes ready to use either with or without a Powerline patched font. As detecting the powerline characters is pretty much impossible, you can enable this by setting POWERLINE=1 in your shell (ie. in ~/.bashrc or ~/.zshrc). Note that this is off by default.

Plugins - all the goodies!

There is no replacement for having a look through the config and seeing which plugins are installed and which key bindings are set. However, that can be a bit daunting, so here are the highlights!

Finding things and working with files

Key Function
<leader> . Show the currently open files so you can switch between them
<leader><leader> Switch back to the previously open file
<leader> f Open a fuzzy finder, allowing you to search for a file
<leader> } Search through all the tags (methods, functions, constants) in the project
:A Toggle between a file and it's 'alternative' (ie. lib file and its unit test file)
<leader> /, then <something> [subdir] Search the whole project for , optionally only in the sub directory [subdir]
<leader> m Toggle the directory tree
<leader> f Open the directory tree with the current file selected
ctrl-] Jump to function definition (needs exuberant ctags installed)

Editing & Formatting

Key Function
<leader> i Format the current file. This may use external tools if configured.
<leader> c{space} Comment/Uncomment this line
<leader> s Split the current text based on the context
<leader> S Join the current text based on the context
gs Go Switch! (Flips text based on context; ie. true to false)
cs<a><b> Change surround for (ie. cs(" will change round brackets for double quotes)
------------------- -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
<leader> a<x> Align the selected lines on <x>, where x is =, =>, <space>, ,, {, :
<leader> aa Begin interative aligning mode for more sophisticated alignment from the easy-align plugin
------------------- -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
u Undo the previous change
U Redo (easier than C-r but replaces default 'undo last line')
<leader> u Show the undo tree, a super powerful way of undoing changes when you've already undone and changed something else
<leader> g Skip to the next changed chunk
<leader> G Skip to the previous changed chunk
<leader> gt Toggle the git change gutter
<leader> gh Highlight all changed lines
<leader> ga Add this hunk to the stage for the next commit
<leader> gu Undo this hunk (revert it to whatever is in git)
------------------- -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
<leader> p Swap the last paste for the next item in the yank stack
<leader> P Swap the last paste for the previous item in the yank stack
------------------- -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
* Search for the word under the cursor in all files
space h Hide search highlighting
space H Show/hide hidden characters
space sp Show/hide spelling errors
space sw Strip trailing whitespace
space $ Toggle line wrapping
ctrl-n Toggle between absolute and relative numbering
------------------- -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
:Lorem Generate 'lorem ipsum' text
:Hipster Generate 'hipster ipsum' text

Autocomplete and snippets

Key Function
<tab> Scroll through the autocomplete menu once it appears
<Ctrl>x If you have selected a snippet , expand it
<tab> Move to the next part of the snippet which can be edited

Window/Pane split controls

Keys Function
<leader> ws Split the current window vertically
<leader> wS Split the current window horizontally
<leader> ww Jump into the next split
<leader> w+ Make current horizontal split larger
<leader> w- Make current horizontal split smaller
<leader> w> Make current vertical split larger
<leader> w< Make current vertical split smaller
<leader> z Zoom (full-window) the current split
ctrl h Move to the next split to the left
ctrl j Move to the next split to down
ctrl k Move to the next split to up
ctrl l Move to the next split to the right

Displaying things

Key Function
<leader> cC Toggle colour highlighting of Hex/RGBA codes
<leader> cF Toggle text or background colouring of Hex/RGBA codes
<leader> = Toggle 'projector mode' (larger font, high contrast)
<leader> ig Toggle indentation guidelines
<leader> z Zoom

Testing and running external tools

Keys Function
<leader> t Run current test/spec/feature, or previous if in another file
<leader> T Run nearest test/spec/feature to the cursor
<leader> rt Run ctags -R . to make things like jumping to definitions work

Copying file details

Key Function
<leader> cr Copy the files relative path and line number
<leader> cp Copy the files relative path
<leader> cP Copy the files absolute path
<leader> cd Copy the files directory path
<leader> cf Copy the files basename