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Demo of AdapTable - using parceljs as build tool for quick setup
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Demo of AdapTable - using parceljs as build tool for quick setup

This demo is using TypeScript for convenience - but it could easily be just JavaScript.


NOTE: In order to be able to run npm install, you need to follow the AdapTable installation instructions - so you need to be logged into our private NPM registry.

Run npm install (or yarn), depending on what tool you're using.

Running for development

Execute the following command

$ npm run dev

NOTE: The first time you run this, it takes longer as parcel generates some cache, etc - subsequent runs will be a lot faster

Now navigate to localhost:1234 in order the see the AdapTable in action.

Any change you make in your sources will trigger a browser reload, since parceljs comes with built-in hot-reloading in order to keep you productive.

Building for production

$ npm run build

This generates a dist folder, which you can deploy on a webserver.

On your local machine, you can run

$ npx serve dist

to launch a webserver that serves the generated dist folder - now go to localhost:5000 to see the production version.

Running with minified script

This repo also shows how you can minify AdapTable - for this, run npm run minify - this runs webpack on the ab.js file found in the root folder. The script generates minified/ab.js - a minified version of AdapTable, which contains all the dependencies that AdapTable needs to work properly, excluding the ag-grid-community and enterprise packages (the exclude is found in webpack.config.js, on the externals property).

Then, in order to use the minified version, you can run npm run serve-minified - which simply runs a webserver in the current folder - now you can open localhost:1234/with-minified

In order to modify the demo, you can edit the with-minified.html file, which uses the minified version of AdapTable.

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