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# Adapter-Hub adapter entry
# Defines a single adapter entry in Adapter-Hub
# --------------------
# The type of adapter (one of the options available in `adapter_type`.
type: text_task
# The string identifier of the task this adapter belongs to.
task: sentiment
# The string identifier of the subtask this adapter belongs to.
subtask: sst-2
# The model type.
# Example: bert
model_type: bert
# The string identifier of the pre-trained model (by which it is identified at Huggingface).
# Example: bert-base-uncased
model_name: bert-base-uncased
# The name of the author(s) of this adapter.
author: Clifton Poth
# Describes the adapter architecture used by this adapter
config: # TODO: REQUIRED
# The name of the adapter config used by this adapter (a short name available in the `architectures` folder).
# Example: pfeiffer
using: pfeiffer
default_version: '1'
# A list of different versions of this adapter available for download.
- version: '1'
url: ""
sha1: fcf8d1a39235e6ea3bbb40f186ef7cd81712cee2
sha256: 7c1009209ec99f58efd2c96eb8a211e48c164e4ea9b31fe5d93e11ddb17fd7e7
citation: |
title={AdapterHub: A Framework for Adapting Transformers},
author={Jonas Pfeiffer and
Andreas R\"uckl\'{e} and
Clifton Poth and
Aishwarya Kamath and
Ivan Vuli\'{c} and
Sebastian Ruder and
Kyunghyun Cho and
Iryna Gurevych},
journal={arXiv preprint},
# A short description of this adapter.
description: |
Adapter in Pfeiffer architecture trained on the binary SST task for 20 epochs with early stopping and a learning rate of 1e-4.
# A contact email of the author(s).
# A GitHub handle associated with the author(s).
github: calpt
# The name of the model class from which this adapter was extracted. This field is mainly intended for adapters with prediction heads.
# Example: BertModelWithHeads
model_class: BertForSequenceClassification
# A Twitter handle associated with the author(s).
twitter: clifapt
# A URL providing more information on this adapter/ the authors/ the organization.
prediction_head: true