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Reactive Trader is a client-server application demonstrating some of the problems needing to be dealt with when building reactive, or event driven, user interfaces. It was initially built as a demonstration application for a presentation we gave at ReactConf 2014. We have decided to open source it so the community can benefit from our contribution.

Reactive Trader was written by the team at Adaptive, a consultancy that specialises in building real time trading systems. We have many years of experience in building trading systems for clients with highly demanding latency and reliability requirements. Over the years we have learnt quite a few lessons, and wanted to talk about and point to examples of how we solve technical problems related to real time delivery of messages.


Reactive Trader comes in different flavours (click on the link for a demo)



iOS native app


WPF (ClickOnce)


Windows Store App



Click on the image below to watch the video on YouTube. It was recorded during our talk at ReactConf 2014 Our video from ReactConf 2012



We had the pleasure of chatting with Scott Hanselman on his regular podcast Hanselminutes about Reactive Trader, Rx, trading systems, open source, etc. Podcast


We have written a number of blog posts in which we dive deeper into certain aspects of Reactive Trader.

  • Asynchrony and concurrency, in which we discuss embracing asynchrony and concurrency at all levels of your application.
  • Everything is a stream, in which we point out that all service calls from Reactive Trader result in streams of responses, not just a single response - and why this is so powerful.
  • System health & failures, in which we dig more into models of system health so you can easily respond to failures in your application, and how to use heart beating to detect component failure.


We have been using Reactive Extensions since 2010. Lee Campbell, author of Intro To Rx, runs our Rx training course, Practical Rx. Reactive Trader makes extensive use of Reactive Extensions, and this course is a great opportunity to learn to think in Rx.

Learn more about Practical Rx by Lee Campbell on Adaptive website

Future Announcements

We announce all new features and blog posts on Twitter: @AdaptiveLimited