Real-time trading platform demo showcasing reactive programming principles applied across the full application stack.
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Reactive Trader Cloud



Reactive Trader Cloud is a real-time FX trading platform demo showcasing reactive programming principles applied across the full application stack.

Since Reactive Trader v1 we've improved the platform across the board, eg we've revamped the UI with a modern JavaScript framework (React) and increased data resiliency by using an event-sourcing approach for the backend services.

All frameworks and libraries used are entirely open source, and each component can be run on either Windows, Linux or Mac OS X.

The services are distributed and can be recovered from disconnections - this is similar to the approach that major financial institutions use for trading systems.


Live demo

For a live demo, see


The backend is made up of distributed services written in .NET using the cross-platform capabilities provided by .NET Core.

You can deploy server components via Docker containers. This means you can manage clusters using tools such as Kubernetes for better resiliency and ease of deployment.

Client-side implementations are available for all major platforms, including desktop browser, OpenFin, Android, iOS, Apple Watch and WPF.

Architecture Overview

Front end

The front end is written in JavaScript with React. For more details on the client-side infrastructure, see here.

Back end

The back-end services are cross-platform. For more details on the back-end infrastructure, see here.

Getting started

You can go to the You want to page to follow build and deployment with docker

Or for more traditional builds for your platform, see here.


The following topics will be covered in the upcoming weeks:

Talks and podcasts

Blog posts

To read about aspects of Reactive Trader in greater depth, check out the following blogs:

Who are we?

Reactive Trader was written by the team at Adaptive, a consultancy that specialises in building real-time trading systems. We have many years of experience in building trading systems for clients with highly demanding latency and reliability requirements. Over the years we have learnt quite a few lessons, and wanted to talk about and point to examples of how we solve technical problems related to real-time delivery of messages.